Aquarium Construction, Market and Information

aquariumAquariums are beautiful underwater contained aquascapes, require high maintenance and can be extremely costly. There are many components to aquariums that require exact chemical balances, lighting, heat temperature, plants, animals, and filtration. Filtration is probably the most important aspect of an aquarium. There are 3 types of filtration and all are important. Mechanical filtration traps debris. Chemical filtration uses carbon and other chemicals to adsorb dissolved pollutants. The pollutants can cause water to have a different color, odor, and texture. Biological filtration uses bacteria in the water to eliminate ammonia and nitrate. To maintain air circulation and remove biological and chemical particulates, a filter (air powered) is a requirement. The filter replenishes oxygen in the tank for aquatic life to breathe while removing carbon dioxide.

Most containers are made of glass, acrylic or silicone rubber. Lighting allows algae to grow to keep the tank clean, healthy and thriving for the aquatic life. Gravel, mostly sand and rock, is used to balance pH and helps expedite chemical reactions. Lastly, water helps identify the eco system that can be supported within it. Fresh water and saltwater are the most common.

Aquariums funded by private investors, the state or an organization, are a popular destination for people. Entertainment, education, and enjoyment are a few reasons to see wild aquatic species swimming in a native environment. Species can range from very small to very large. This can include tiny shrimp to large whale sharks. As more is discovered about the ocean and its aquascape the more interest it gains.