Information on Sauna Construction, Process, and History

Sauna Construction, Process and History

Saunas, heat storage, or steam rooms are buildings deigned to experience lengthy wet dry or wet heat sessions. Temperatures reach between 150°F-195°F. The incorporation of humidity allows bathers to perspire, instead of burning. Saunas originated in Central America in the form of sweat lodges used by native peoples for religious practices. In colder regions of Europe like Greenland, and Finland, saunas were used to trap heat in the cold weather. Just as in ancient times a sauna is used to relax, cleanse the mind, and detox the body.                       

  • Smoke Sauna
    • earliest form,
    • uses a pile of heated rocks, wood burning stove without a chimney
    • fire is lit and then extinguished, many hours before it is used
    • temperatures are cooler with high humidity, time consuming
  • Heat Storage Sauna
    • Chimney is used
    • Temperature is 140°F
    • Stove glows red
    • Electric heater can be used
  • Steam Sauna
    • Ceramic tile, glass, stone ,acrylic water proof material
    • Humidity level is 100%
    • Temperature is 110°F -120°F
    • Uses steam to control temperature
  • Infrared Sauna
    • Temperature is 122°F-140°F
    • Infrared heat instead of smoke, water, steam
    • Sweat more, heat goes deeper
    • More detoxification
    • sauna