Water park Construction, Market and General Information

A wonderful experience growing up in the hot and humid weather, is spending a day at a water park. In the United States there are more than 350 amusement parks. Because amusement parks and water parks are combined in industry reports it is hard to separate the industries into smaller sub groups.  The category generated around $55 billion dollars profit in the United States. Most families with kids attend water parks for about 3 hours. America has the highest number of amusement parks and attractions compared to other countries.

Indoor and outdoor water parks are increasing in popularities. Created in late 1940’s, water parks have gained enough popularity for organizations like IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions and WWA (World Water park Association) to be created. Water parks are family owned, serve educational purposes, or are regionally owned.Swimming-pool-theme-parks-07Creating a water park is an intense, detail oriented, and time consuming process. The first step is the feasibility study, as well as a concept design and development. The site for construction is visited, meetings occur, finances are viewed, and an industry expert is called, and finally planning begins. The events in the first step can happen many times before a decision is made. The next step is making sure the physical framework is in place, and atmosphere ideas are presented. Along with the materials and structure under discussion, financial brainstorming and backing occurs. These actions are revisited as many time as needed throughout the construction process. The third step accolades the land being used for construction; diagrams and drawings are created. Once a final layout is determined the fourth step occurs with a master plan blue print. The master plan is color coded, and illustrates the functional needs of the park. An aerial perspective creates a bird’s eye view of the idea, and concept art is then constructed. Details are then added in a layout plan, and construction begins. The process of creating a water park is tedious but generally end up being highly profitable.